Sound of Resistance

From USA Today Bestseller Anthology: An American teen in Germany risks his life for a Jewish girl.

Sound of Resistance was first published in a USA Today Bestselling anthology. Explore the evil and complex mind of Erich Beck in this prequel to bestseller Love and Hate: In Nazi Germany.A swing dancing American teenager is sent to live with his Nazi Uncle when his mother dies, when his Uncle turns to violence against a Jewish girl he cares for, will he risk his life to save hers?Charlie is an American sixteen-year old from Long Island, who loves to dance, just like his mother.His life is tragically altered when his mother dies in a car wreck. He is sent away by his greedy aunt with only the clothes on his back. He journeys to live with his Uncle, Erich, a high ranking and sadistic Nazi leader in Regensburg, Germany in 1940.He becomes interested in a part Jewish girl named Edith.  Unfortunately, his Uncle is interested in her too.  His Uncle tries to rid Charlie and Edith of their love of swing music.  Swing dancing causes them grave consequences, but also offers a place to hide.When Charlie’s Uncle turns to violence, he must decide whether he will be brave and risk his life for Edith, or sit back and watch his Uncle’s hateful wrath destroy them all.

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