Starbound: A Shelf Space Anthology

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From the founders of Shelf Space Sci-Fi come eight stories of wonder, disaster, and redemption beyond the stars.Starbound: A Shelf Space Anthology includes:

  • Captain’s Making by Scott Bartlett
  • Final Mission by Jonathan P. Brazee
  • The Switch by Nathan Hystad
  • Self Improvement by Joshua James
  • Descent by Christian Kallias
  • The Rabbit Gambit by Craig Martelle
  • The Sarapis Mission by James David Victor
  • Cassie by Jonathan Yanez

About Shelf Space Sci-Fi

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The Snare (sample)

(The sample contains 5 of the book’s 58 chapters) Charley Austin searched for truth in all the wrong places. Along

Spring Shenanigans

Hilarity ensues when Greg Gillie, the Keeper of the Forest and fae banisher, gets a lesson in humility in this

The Final Word

Mornae society is on the verge of collapse. Jevan Lor’Vakayne still has much left to do until his apprentice visits

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