Starting Over in Key West: Darkest Days

What was meant to be the happiest day of her sister’s life, has turned into a nightmare. And who is to blame? None other than Christy’s own best friend.

Christy Wright had accepted that her twin sister Shannon was getting married.She’d even accepted that the man Shannon was marrying was Aaron Butler, Christy’s best friend.But what she didn’t expect was that on the morning of their wedding, she would find Aaron cozying up to another woman behind Shannon’s back.Now, Christy must watch as her happy life begins to unravel—as secrets and lies are exposed and her whole world is changed forever.If only her Aaron had been the man Christy always believed he was.If only he hadn’t betrayed her.Christy doesn’t know if her family will ever be the same after what has happened—or what the future will hold for them all.But in the midst of chaos, there is just one thing she is certain of.She will never trust Aaron Butler again.Starting Over in Key West: Darkest Day is a poignant story of heart-break, betrayal, and lost love. When her whole world comes crashing down, will Christy ever find a way to move forward? Or will her future remain as dark as today?

The only way for a family to move on… is together.

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