Swallowed by Darkness

Breaking the little human will be so easy...

She wakes to a bone-chilling cold with no memory. Strapped to a table far, far from Earth, she’s pumped full of artificial hormones, then tossed into a prison cell for crimes she didn’t commit. In the dark, she can’t see who, or what, she’s been imprisoned with, and though she can’t remember her name, much less who she was, she knows things. About medicine, the human body. Surgical things that give her the confidence to contend with a monster in the dark.He’s a Felidae prince imprisoned in the armpit of the galaxy for crimes against the Empire. A man of worth who owns nothing but his pride and a thirst for vengeance. Deadly, willing to do what it takes to survive, he’s disgusted by the fragile creature who stinks of Felidae breeding hormones. He knows what they want, why she’s been sent to him, and what he’s supposed to do. But he’ll die before he puts a hybrid brat in her belly and sullies the Felidae genes.Breaking her will be so easy… all he has to do is convince the stubborn little thing to come closer…

"Swallowed by Darkness? More like Consumed by Darkness!!! The dialogue alone makes these some of my favorite characters from any books I’ve read to date. Just like everything else Myra has written, I was left wanting more. Her world building is simply amazing! Love the sassy smartass heroine. The H is male you love to hate and yet you still want more. Certainly no easy feat to write without turning him pussy whipped as the relationship develops, but Ms. Danvers' pulls it off FLAWLESSLY. I just absolutely LOVE Myra’s writing style! Definitely my new favorite author."
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