Sweet On You

Lusting after his best mate's little sister is strictly a no-go zone, even if she's doing her best to tempt him.

Welcome to Patterson’s Bluff, Australia! Here you’ll find small town goodness, Hemsworth-inspired heroes, heroines you’d want to be your best friend, and the occassional furry sidekick.

Brian “Mack” MacDermot lives to play by the rules. Checklists, guidelines and boundaries? He loves them all. So why is he so tempted by the one woman who is all wrong for him? They’re total opposites. Totally incompatible.

She’s sugar and spice and all things nice…

Zoey Hutcherson is sick of harbouring the world’s most epic unrequited crush simply because she’s got a reputation for being reckless. Now she’s doing her best to prove she’s got her ducks in a row. Business partner? Check. Cool idea for an Aussie-inspired dessert business? Check. Food truck in need of makeover? Check.

But she won’t rest until there’s one more item ticked off her to-do list: Mack. She knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and she is not above a sugary seduction. But can these polar opposites find common ground outside the bedroom? Or will Zoey’s heart get candy crushed?

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