This control freak’s craving a sweet sensual siren. She’s messy, overworked, and accidentally underdressed. Let the games begin.

Tanner lives by ingrained military regimen and order. Two lonesome years at sea have left his appetite voracious for a temptress. But his sexy sassy neighbor won’t relent unless he loosens his impenetrable restrictive rule.Savannah’s barely surviving twelve hour shifts in the ER. Tanner’s resurrecting her burned out body with every demanding passionate touch. When a crash victim dies before her eyes, she questions everything.Tanner’s maintaining restraint until a devious familiar face threatens to shatter their intoxicating love affair. Unless he can have her all to himself, he won’t have her at all.Will Tanner sacrifice his own identity to protect her safety and recover her precious bleeding heart? Tanner’s a captivating steamy small town military romance. If you love a cocky commanding hero with an undiscovered heart of gold, you’ll fall for Tanner too. Click here to read Tanner, prequel to the runaway best-selling ALPHAS series by Pandora Snow.

"Holy hotcheeks! Pandora brings this puppy to heel, delivering all the sizzling heat, undeniable passion and unquenchable desire, hooking you from the start and reeling you in for the duration, catapulting this sweet treat to staggering heights. One skillfully composed debacle, weaving through this heart pounding, pulse racing, adrenaline pumping, page flipping, block busting dynamo, blasting this baby to life brilliantly."
5 Star Amazon Review

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