Tearing the Veil

How Jesus Broke the Barrier Between You and God

You know the story of Jesus dying on the cross, but do you know what really happened the moment He gave up His Spirit? This book will help you:

  • Learn the truth about the events during Jesus’s death.
  • Understand the significance of your connection to God
  • Focus on Jesus using God’s word
  • Relate the concepts to your own life

In this world, you face rejection, hopelessness, and feel disconnected from God. You don’t need to handle it alone. Learn how Jesus made sure you never have to be separated from God, and how much your life is truly worth.

"I finished reading Tearing the Veil and I did enjoy it! I love reading faith-based books about God’s love for us. I found this book at the right time! Thanks so much for writing it.-Janet"
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