Tempting Fate

A biker princess. Her vicious fiancé. His best friend.

On her eighteenth birthday, Lilianna Mayberry survived every woman’s worst nightmare.

Sure, she was left with permanent scars and her psyche was shattered, but she’s alive.

In fact, she’s almost thriving.

Settled into her rebuilt life with her longtime love, Venom, supported by their best friend, Slash, and empowered by the motorcycle club that loves her dearly, Lily has grasped her dreams with both hands and made them her b!tch.

Until the monster from her past returns prematurely, and everything she thought she knew gets turned on its head once again. Her father is up to his old tricks. The Black Shamrocks MC is splintering down the middle. Even her best friend turns out to be less than trustworthy.

Almost five years ago, Lily stood tall against the forces trying to take her down. Her loyalty to the Shamrocks never wavered. She literally bled for their freedom.

So why is she still caught in a web of the Kingsley family’s making?

Tempting Fate is the first book in the Duplicity trilogy. Part of Bella Faust’s Black Shamrocks MC (Australia) series, this dark, psychological romance is a steamy and taboo tale filled with angst, betrayal, and lust set within a love triangle everyone but Lily saw coming.

The first book in the series, Craving Control, is also available. It should be read before the Duplicity trilogy to best appreciate the overall storyline. 

Reader discretion is advised as this story contains potentially triggering content.

""A rock solid follow up to Craving Control and I'm fully invested in this series. Did I say invested? I meant hooked." ~SachaBW~"

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