Thanks For Nothin’

If it's too good to be true, it probably ain't

In Book 5 of the Eli Diaries, Tommy knows everyone thinks he’s a pessimist, that he over-exaggerates and dramatizes even the littlest things. He doesn’t care. Those are the same people who think the world is an amusement park full of free candy. Tommy is a realist, and with Thanksgiving coming, he knows the odds of finding anything to be thankful for in this fragile world are slim to none. But as events begin to unfold around a mysterious night of which he has no memory, he finds himself daring to hope that this Thanksgiving might just turn out to be the exception to the rule. Maybe. Probably not.

A Marquess of Roses

The ton is ready for another season to start, but is the ton ready for Lady Charlotte Fitzroy of Kentwell?

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Dionne was trying to stay positive and put herself out there. Like many people, she tried online dating. After going

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In this speculative short fiction story from the Dreamscapes: 4 Tales of the Supernatural anthology, a thief and a sex

Beneath the Mask

Glade Balladeer just wants to be a famous bard, but she’s stuck working shady jobs with Drinn. When they get

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