That Was Then (Holiday Sample)

A Billionaire, Second Chance, Holiday Romance

Full book available now in Amazon & Kindle Unlimited.When former college sweethearts win their second chance to prove Fate right, will they waste it over the holidays?♥Cassidy Masters hadn’t seen Bronson Maxwell since a near-fatal car accident sent their college relationship and their lives on a detour. Her new life was fine, all according to her plan, until Bronson returned to town before the holidays to take over the family company. After a run-in, he wanted to talk, and bring closure on the past. Her family and her roommates believed this was a second chance romance waiting to happen. Cassidy wasn’t convinced fate had anything to do with it.♥When Bronson Maxwell ran into Cassidy at work, he knew this was his opportunity to shut the door on the past. Everything headed in that direction, but he couldn’t get her out of his mind. His body craved a future together. If only meddling family and coworkers would stay out of his way over the holidays. When a love like theirs had a second chance—he’d do anything to convince Cassidy they were meant to be.When their paths collide in one big event on New Year’s Eve, will Cassidy and Bronson tempt Fate again, or miss out on love forever?With humor, steamy bits, and a passionate couple to root for, enjoy reading this standalone, with a happily ever after ending. You’ll continue to see Bronson, Cassidy and all their friends in the interconnected Fated Loves series.

"I voluntarily read an arc of this book and am leaving an honest review. Wow I always love a good second chance romance but this one had a twist. I absolutely loved it! Cassidy is a quirky girl who’s also a realist. She works hard at her job and she’s pretty good at it. Even if she does work for her ex’s family company. It’s so big, they’ll never know, right? Bronson had his whole life ahead of him when the accident happened. He blamed Cassidy for his struggles and when he finally imploded, he lost everything. He left the country and moved on, or did he? Now he’s back to take over the US portion of the business. When Bronson sees Cassidy at a work function he sees it as a second chance with her. A chance to make things right, but Cassidy isn’t interested. Bronson has made so many mistakes including sleeping with a colleague who now happens to be Cassidy’s direct boss. Trouble follows Bronson like a bad penny. His family is awful and he can’t seem to catch a break. Despite this he’s very likable and so is Cassidy. This story has so many layers and things happening it was great! The book is well planned and laid out in a way where it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. Cassidy has given Fate the middle finger, but we all know Fate will have her way! Read this really amazing book!"
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