The Amish Christmas Gift Worth Waiting For

It will take an Amish Christmas miracle to mend the hearts of two lost and lonely souls this holiday season.

When tragedy strikes the young Amish woman Amanda Beiler, not once but twice, is left to raise her seven sisters by herself. As her faith is tested, her Amish community surrounds her with love and compassion, but will it be enough to see her through? Or will Bishop Weaver take things into his own hands and use his widowed nephew to help heal her wounded spirit.

Christmas should be a time for joy and renewal, but for Adam Weaver, it only reminds him of all he’s lost. Can he put his anguish aside to comfort the young woman, or will he ignore the prompting of his uncle to help a neighbor in need? When Adam’s pain is still too raw to speak of, he pens a series of messages to Amanda that turns into an unexpected friendship.

Christmas should be a time for joy and renewal, but for Amanda Beiler and Adam Weaver, it only reminds them of all they have lost. Can their shared grief help them realize sometimes the best gifts in life are those worth waiting for?

"I wanted a cosy uplifting Amish Christmas to read over the holiday. This certainly fitted the bill. It is an unusual love story and the situations that bring Adam and Amanda together are heart breaking. But God was working. This book was so good I didn't want it to end. I would love a sequel."

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