The Bar, Bed, And Boston

The Boston Series

Elizabeth Justin, a resident doctor in Boston, has just concluded her residency, and her friends want to celebrate. They manage to get her to agree, and they find themselves in a bar that night. The night is still young, and she intends to have fun with her friends. But what happens when a handsome, hot young man approaches her and her friends ditch her? Now, she’s stuck with a handsome stranger whose company she can’t deny she’s enjoying. But what else does the night hold for them?Tyler Briggs is in Boston for his cousin’s wedding. He is only spending a few days in town before he returns to his everyday life. He’s invited to join the bachelor’s party. At first, it starts out with drinking games, but things went up a notch when his friends notice him staring at a captivating woman. They dare him to ask for her number, and he hesitantly agrees. However, he realizes that he wants more than to buy her a drink and get her number.For Elizabeth and Tyler, the night has so many possibilities. Their fantasies come to life in one heated, passionate night of lovemaking. But when the morning comes, where do they go from here, knowing they might never see each other again? To make things worse, he never actually got that number. Would they ever cross paths again after their unforgettable encounter?

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