The Billionaire’s Business Proposal *Free Exerpt

Romance with a cost

Abby White has always been the perfect one; the saintly daughter, the excellent student, the flawless employee, the ideal fiancée.However, things come to a head when she elopes to Vegas for her wedding and a painful discovery leads to the end of her wedding plans. Hurt, Abby goes out for a night of clubbing where chance leads to her meeting billionaire businessman, Evan Fields. Evan proposes a business arrangement to her, one that she cannot resist.Will Abby be able to move on from her heartbreak?Could something develop between her and Evan?Or is Abby in for a whirlwind romance like nothing she’s ever experienced before…

"An enjoyable read! It is well written, fast pace, and quite exhilarating with likeable characters and off the charts chemistry. I am so excited and eager for part 2. Definitely recommended!Book 1 left me eager to read the next one. Good character development and just the right amount of heat."
5 Star Amazon Reviews

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