The Billionaire’s Impromptu Bet

Can a SWAT officer and a billionaire find love?

Jesse Calhoun wasn’t looking for love when he met Brie Carter. In fact, he thought she was rich and spoiled but now he’s seeing a different side to her.

Bored billionaire Brie Carter wanted a way to spice up her life, but she never thought the bet could go wrong. Will her secret destroy their relationship?

The Dragon Heir

I close my eyes. I don’t believe this will work, but I will not fail without trying.Reaching deep, my mind

Love Me

A love story. Meet Adam. He’s cool and aloof– hiding the truth about his ugly life. Meet Evie. She’s the

A Lady’s Promise

Going against her mother’s wishes, Miss Eleanor Parker marries her love, Lord Charles Lambert. When secrets from his past threaten

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