The Capital Gambit

An Adam Braxton Thriller Novella

When D.C. detective Sam Fowler is called to an arson and homicide in one of the District’s seedier areas, he is ready to write off the crime to the drug trade. But the victim turns out to be a high-tech executive working for political campaigns, and Fowler thinks there’s likely a more complicated motive behind the death.Then he meets a CIA spook in a bar, and Fowler knows he is in over his head. His case is being influenced by forces far above his pay grade, and those forces will stop at nothing to derail the investigation. The unlikely pair must now work together to unmask a conspiracy and stop a threat to national security.

"Set in Washington, D.C., The Capital Gambit weaves technology, politics, and espionage in a fast-moving story with all-too-familiar implications. The characters are realistic and varied, each with their own objectives and quirks. An exciting introduction to the Adam Braxton series."
Beta Reader

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