The Captain’s Wife

Inconvenient Brides Book Prequel

In this steamy historical romance, a vicar’s daughter marries a handsome army captain, but they are separated by war and violence. Can they find their second chance at love?

Mrs. Thorne is a woman with no past …

After fulfilling her life long dream of marrying Captain Lewis, Mrs Lydia Lewis survives a brutal evening and is forced run from the family home. An old friend, the Duke of Halmesbury, provides refuge and she reinvents herself as Mrs Thorne, the ducal housekeeper, forced to bury the memories of her previous life and her lost love.

Captain Lewis won’t give up the woman he loves …

Captain Jacob Lewis fulfills his heart’s desire by eloping with his childhood friend only to be separated and sent to war on the continent. He returns home to find his bride missing and his household in turmoil. Resolutely he begins his search for the only woman he has ever loved, and he is not giving her up once he finds her.

Can be read as a standalone book or as part of the Inconvenient Brides series.

"This was an enjoyable story. Jacob and Lydia were childhood friends that were separated before they had a chance to solidify their adult relationship. They reunite at the beginning of the book and then begin the process of finding each other once again. The story has a very happy ending and I read it in one sitting. It fits together very nicely with "The Duke Wins a Bride" and I think they could be read in either order."

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