The Carnie’s Regret

All the fun of a carnival ride without blowing any chunks

After a lifetime of questionable choices, Brunetti’s stuck in a dead end job as a Carnie. When an off-kilter midway ride shows him a vision of what his life could have been, he decides to move forward and make things right. Are the secrets of the past better left buried? Are the ties of fate too twisted to unwind?

"Like a Twilight Zone episode without all the corny sixty's stuff. Couldn't stop thinking about this story after I was done."
Vincent Sellers

The Game

In the future, Everscape is the most immersive and expansive video game on the market. Players sink thousands of hours

Kiss Me Not

What do you do when you’re the reigning kissing booth champion but the only person you want to kiss is

The Great Compromise of 1901

This macabre short story about Teddy Roosevelt, taxidermy, and the risks of power originally appeared in the anthology The Faking

Missing & Gone

It looked like an open and shut case, one that shouldn’t have landed on homicide detective Jayne O’Shea’s desk: a

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