The Cause Lives

Warriors For Equal Rights

All Alice wants is to retire. Until the call for justice gets in the way.Alice Arden can’t wait to retire in eighteen months, but her boss at the federal discrimination and harassment agency she works at has other ideas. She assigns Alice to head a newly created task force responsible for catching more lawbreakers, and Alice can’t refuse.Already burned out and suffering from a worsening disability that might put her in a wheelchair, Alice finds more than she had bargained for in her new team with racism, a sociophobe, and hidden agendas at play. Threats on their lives because of a case they’re working on drive Alice to the bottle until she discovers an unnerving secret.Forget retirement. Alice is about to embark on delivering justice in the sexual harassment case of her career, and if she goes down, it’ll be with guns blazing.

"Reviewed in the United States on June 10, 2020The Cause Lives is a great book is a great car/travel book. It’s one of those books that you can leave in your car and pull out to read while waiting for your kid’s practice to be over, waiting for the doctor or traveling to work. The storyline is like a simmer pot of rice on the stove. The story takes place at a new EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) office located in Austin, Texas. The office is missing a sign and filled with old office furniture. The employees of this office match the furniture thrown away from the workforce as rejects. The Director used to be the next shooting star, now she drinks her pain away while carrying a support dog. The office secretary suffers from an anxiety disorder, where she has to hide behind a makeshift wall. The field agents are a black activist, a redneck, an ex-con, a woman having an affair with a married man, and an Indian woman determined to find herself. Together these unlikely suspects bond together as a makeshift family and help one another on several discrimination cases that could cost them their lives and/or job. Mixed into the storyline are two beautiful loves. The author, Marie Watts, does an amazing job developing the characters and weaving a colorful storyline that leaves the reader wanting more."
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