The Darke King

A warlock king on a mission to defeat an ancient enemy, supernatural beings who can't seem to straighten out their love lives, and the secrets that bond them all...

Mistreated all his life and forced to climb the ranks under a ruthless dictator, the warlock Daniel Darke believes a brighter tomorrow lies beyond his world. So when he’s visited by a beautiful woman in a vision, he follows her through a portal to a supernatural land.

Despite being one of Earth’s most dreaded warlocks, when Daniel arrives in the City by the Sea, he is welcomed as a trusted friend and protector. But as soon as he comes face to face with the woman of his dreams, memories of other lifetimes come rushing back to him as his powers begin to multiply.

With all the memories and visions of things to come laid out before him like the pages of a book, the Darke King readies for the return of an ancient enemy. However, it is a man from his wife’s past that he needs to be on alert for.

The Darke King is the captivating first book in The Broken Immortals romantic fantasy series. If you like star-crossed couples, fights for supremacy, and unraveling mysteries, then you’ll love Jessica White’s magical tale.

"Magical read. Plenty of action and the characters were great. The storyline had a lot of promise and it delivered throughout."
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