The Devil’s Origins

The message that started it all...

Blood, ashes, and bones.

That’s all she saw.

When she awoke amongst the debris and dead bodies drenched in a mysterious substance, she found two things.

A single initial on her half-burnt uniform’s nametag.

And all her memories erased.

Abandoned, confused, hungry, and cold, K trudges on into a small town she doesn’t recognize

Failing to consider that she looks like an escaped, dangerous convict…

That her appearance would turn heads, raising dangerous questions she had no answer to.

But there is something about her new self K learns the hard way.

Her powers are anything but human.

And they can get her in a whole lot of trouble.

Soon, all hell breaks loose, and K is entangled in a murder she never wished to commit.

As she tries to escape the consequences of her actions, K is met with a choice she never thought she’d have to make.

Follow the instructions of her anonymous benefactor, or starve, die, and worse…

There is only one thing K can be certain about.

Someone is watching her every move.

They know what she’s done.

And they won’t stop until she pays what she’s due.

K’s deadly chase has only just begun.

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