The Dryad’s Crown (ARC), Books 1-4

What begins as a fairy tale transforms into an epic adventure about love and loss.

Street urchin turned assassin, Silbrey escaped her life of violence by rushing into marriage and motherhood. But to keep her family safe, she must return to the city that once feared her and confront the cruel guildmaster who raised her.

Silbrey discovers there is much more to her past, beyond the familiar cobbled streets of Penderyn.

“Epic fantasy at its finest.”
— Rosaire Bushey, author of the 30 Stones Saga

“A fantastical yet deeply human tale filled with love, betrayal, and magic.”
— Alison Kimble, author of Strange Gods

“In his series opener, Hopkins writes graceful and sinewy prose that vividly describes action, emotion, and inner life.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“The Dryad’s Crown is not just a book series; it is a work of art.”
— Helen Garraway, author of The Sentinal Series

“A finely drawn world of both deep magic and gritty human struggle.”
— Kathy L. Brown,

"A fantasy unlike any other"
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