The Empress’s Guilt

The woman who connected two rival dynasties

Bega Begum, the wife of the second Mughal emperor Humayun, has built a grand mausoleum in Delhi. On the morning of the mausoleum’s inauguration, her stepson, Emperor Akbar, discovers Bega’s long-held secret, which influenced his rule over Hindustan. Will he punish his stepmother?

""The attention to detail complemented the beautiful historical storyline and left one feeling refreshingly content and reflecting on that rich period in history.......Highly recommended!!: Cypher, Amazon Review"

Cruel Summer

Maid-of-honor, Chelsea Parks joins the wedding party at the bride’s California beach house—where she’s thrown together with her old flame,

Overdoses in Olympia

Nick O’Flannigan thought he was just starting out on a freelance photography assignment.But when he arrives in Olympia, he learns

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