The Escape Room

There's a way out if she can find it.

When Amy, a newly single mother, offers to take her daughter anywhere she wants to go for her ninth birthday, Bella chooses a Victorian murder mystery-themed escape room. The idea of paying someone to lock her up makes Amy shudder, but she gives in. Still suffering from PTSD from the events of the previous year (The Origin of Sin), Amy regrets the decision as soon as the door shuts behind them with an ominous slam. Gruesome two-hundred-year-old crimes and a very present murder must be solved in order to escape. If you enjoyed Shari Lapena’s An Unwanted Guest or Rachel Howzell Hall’s They all Fall Down, you won’t want to come out of your room until you’ve finished Greta Boris’s The Escape Room.

"A fascinatingly dark and dangerous world. Boris explores the hearts of her characters as she spins a fine story."
Anne Hillerman, author of New York Times bestselling mysteries.

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