The First Rains of October

Can love blossom a second time, can tragedy turn to triumph, and will a door open for miracles?

Soon after August leaps off a cliff into the ocean during her high school graduation party, her boyfriend, Clay, is sentenced to ten years in prison for her murder. When a young woman shows up in town claiming to be August, it sets in motion a cascading series of events that forces the small dairy town to question to what lengths it will go to ensure that a long-buried secret doesn’t suddenly resurface. Ultimately, it’s August’s story: Can love blossom in turmoil, can tragedy turn to triumph, and will a door open for true miracles?
"As August leaps from a cliff into the swirling ocean during her graduation party, a cascading life-and-death struggle opens the door for miracles. If you like second-chance romance and a journey of self-discovery into the jungles of the Amazon, exciting and insightful, “The First Rains of October” is both a thriller and a morality tale for our times. _Sonoma Index-Tribune"
Sonoma Index Tribune

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