The Forbidden Tale of Tuskenvalle

A desperate mother's accidental encounter in the forbidden wilderness unleashes the evil sealed in an ancient relic for ages.

A desolate mother.

One thousand newborn souls.

One failed ritual!

A woman is in labor. But a whole village wants the baby dead. In a desperate attempt to save her child, she trudges into the forbidden wilderness, oblivious to the game of fate.

That night changed the fate of Tuskenvalle, an isolated village along the banks of Lavalthon lake. Something dark lurks in the woods around; something evil.

It lusts on the blood of the innocent.

It wouldn’t be long before the evil corrupts every nook and cranny of the solitary settlement. It wouldn’t be long before Tuskenvalle is demolished to mere embers.

⚠️ Content Warning ⚠️
This book contains disturbing, graphic details of practices including but not limited to infanticide, black magic, ritualistic human sacrifice, cannibalism, etc.,

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