The Gathering Storm

A storm comes. Only the strongest will survive the onslaught.

Grieved I grows my hand far more accustomed to holding a blade rather than a quill. Stand my brothers and sisters and I in the darkness of a world at war. Reigns now lament and stout-hearted purpose in our hearts, the clash of blades in the halls, the splash of blood on the stones. In spare breathing spaces between one battle and the next, pen I this tale by oil lamp and moonlight. Win must we, mortal and immortal, if our lands and peoples are not to be cast into ever-lasting night.

So begins the first volume of the epic fantasy series, The Storm Chronicles.

"I genuinely loved reading this book, like the feeling of reading The Lord of the Rings for the first time again! It's the first chapter in a truly epic adventure. If you're looking for your next obsession, this is it!"

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