The Killings at Rockman’s Ford

A dangerous fugitive. A deadly secret. An unwelcome champion.

For generations, the seasons have turned with indifference to the sleepy hamlet of Rockman’s Ford. Residents and visitors alike would say it’s a delightful place where terrible things don’t happen—not murder, and never sorcery. Those things happen to other people in other places.When a man is found murdered by hostile magic, the peaceful illusion is rocked by the emergence of dark secrets.For D’Jenn Pike, a Warlock of the Conclave, hostile magic is an everyday occurrence. When he’s asked to help find the killer, his soul is tested by the chase. With bodies mounting, D’Jenn is all that stands between Rockman’s Ford and vengeful magic, but his courage could get him hanged alongside the murderer.The guilty must pay, but the gods have no interest in justice.The Killings at Rockman’s Ford is the prequel to The Seven Signs, a sword and sorcery series full of magic, intrigue, conspiracy, violence, and mystery.  If you’re looking for a new favorite world to call home, then get started today and download The Killings at Rockman’s Ford.Read now and start your journey into a dark new world.

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Mercedes and her family are vanilla farmers who have spent their lives in the beautiful countryside surrounding Papantla, Mexico. But

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