The Last Kiss

From the author of The Wedding Planner comes yet another tale of love, loss, heartbreak, and healing.

Working as an operations head at Nick’s Software Solutions in Emerald Heights, Paige has her platter full of responsibilities—a demanding corporate job, an eight-year-old autistic son, single motherhood, and a pretty heavy lot of emotional baggage.She somehow is tackling her insecurities and living the life she never dreamed of when something unexpected happens.Worried about her son’s future, she decides to hire a dad for him.In walks, Sacha. Paige meets Sacha on the roadside, and then and there decides to hire him as Tilo’s stepfather without even knowing a thing about him.Is Sacha the right person for Paige’s autistic son? What if he is not?Isn’t Paige making a mistake by inviting a stranger to stay with them in her home? What makes Paige so confident about Sacha that she hires him as her son’s temporary dad? And why does she need one in the first place?

Their Highland Beginning

Discover how it all began… If you enjoy Keira Montclair, Eliza Knight, Emma Prince, and Cecelia Mecca, meet The Clan Sinclair.A failed first

Ashes & Dust

I was the popular girl.A swimming superstar destined for Olympic glory.I had it all.Until I went to training one morning

A Perfect Escape

Megan Thomas wants to get lost—preferably in someone else’s life. But can she really escape the terror of her past,

About the Author

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