The Light: City of Sin

The souls of Las Vegas are at stake. Now's not the time to fall in love.

Aminata “Amie” Fisher knows better than to go haring off in the middle of the night chasing after a nightmare, but she figures she’s getting the dreams for a reason. Nevertheless, a blind woman scouring the Las Vegas streets to stop a daemon is a recipe for nothing but Bad Things to happen, and boy, do they. Yet in a flash of bright light, Amie is suddenly in the arms of an angel she prays will never let her go.Dominion angel Jaie has one task and one task only: bring a soul-snatching daemon to heel. Romantic love is forbidden to him, but he fears there’s no escaping it with Amie Fisher around. She’s the key to defeating the threat, but enlisting Amie leaves her vulnerable to the daemon who would use her burgeoning djinni powers for evil. Jaie can’t have that potential fate for her on his conscience, or his heart.With the truth of her lineage and her genie powers being brought to the light, Amie and Jaie are thrust into the battle of a lifetime. As the daemonic occult forces rise, how can they choose between the lives of all and the love of each other?Get Book 1 of the compelling forbidden interracial occult romance series, City of Sin—Djinni Arc, from USA TODAY best-selling author Savannah J. Frierson. The Fight: City of Sin and The Sight: City of Sin complete the series arc.

"Fun read! I enjoyed reading this and learning about Jaie and Aminata. Coming together unexpectedly, to fight an evil being was not exactly what the blind radio host was expecting. This union might cost both of them more than they thought. I can't wait to see what happens next."
5-Star Amazon Review

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