The Master List of Top Recommended Spiritual Books

Light and Beauty

Welcome to the curated Master List of New Thought, New Age, Spiritual, Law of Attraction & Manifesting books recommended by the online manifesting community around the world!There are millions of books out there in the market…are you confused about which books might actually be helpful or a great read?The Master List is a compilation of REAL reader recommendations from hundreds of threads in exclusive social media groups – with approx. 500,000 members in total!For readers actively searching for peer-suggestions, now the Master List provides a single place to find this.In this Kindle version, you’ll find almost 250 books listed on the go for your convenience. If you read a book a week, that’s almost FIVE years of inspiring reading material listed! And even better, you can select and order the recommended books from categories!✓   If you’re looking for the best intro books, planners or full-on manifesting books, select from the Manifesting, Law of Attraction Books and Planners section and get started on your manifesting journey today!✓   Are you looking to expand into LOVE? If you want to deep dive into love and appreciation, visit the Love, Self-Love and Relationships category.✓   Are you a big fan of affirmations and mindset or want to learn how to visualize more effectively? Visit the Mind Power, Visualization and Affirmations category for powerful daily rituals.✓   Do you need a dose of soothing and inspiring wisdom? Visit the Spiritual, Inspirational and New Age books category and feel better faster so you can enjoy your life!✓   Are you fascinated by how The Law of Attraction teachings developed in the turn of the century? Explore the Classic New Thought section.✓   Are you having some health challenges or want to get fitter and healthier in a holistic way? Select from the Diet, Health and Wellness section and plan your way back to vibrant health!✓   Do you love to soak in alternative wisdom? Visit the Channeled category to discover the teachings of Abraham Hicks, and more!✓   Are you ready to power up a wealth and abundance mindset? Visit the Wealth, Money, Abundance and Prosperity section for phenomenal works!✓   Are you curious about the hereafter? Visit the Afterlife section for both mystical and psychological experience book recommendations!Download the Master List instantly and always have easy access to order these life-changing books.

"I thought I had just about every book on manifesting, since I've been buying them for over 30 years. But no, lots here I hadn't heard about yet. In fact, I had to restrain myself from buying more. The to-be-read pile is pretty high already. These books can help you make magical changes in your life. I especially like the works of Dr. Joe Dispenza and his audio meditations and the works of Eckhart Tolle (I prefer to listen to his CD's from retreats when I'm tooling around town.)Bravo to this author for compiling this important list. Plenty here to keep you busy for a long time. And unless you make internal and subconscious changes, the outward circumstances of life stay much the same. Life gets easier and happier and more fun as you travel along a spiritual path. Honest."
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