The Octopus in Question

There's only one (boat) bed

The Octopus in Question is a steamy ~32K contemporary romance with an octopus that steals the show. (Red says hi!)Elodie “Elly” Martin, known octopus expert, is racing to complete her doctorate before her advisor retires. She doesn’t have time for much else, especially not a love life. Between working on her thesis and her job at the aquarium, she’s swamped. But when a local diver asks for her assistance to save a wayward octopus, Elly can’t say no to rescuing the cephalopod. She knows just what to do to help, but not what to do with her attraction to the diver. Why does he have to be so flannel-wearing, beanie over curly black hair, scruffily handsome?The self-proclaimed black sheep of his large family, ex-Coast Guard diver Craig Ryan is content with making a home and living on his sailboat, or so he thinks. He loves the Pacific Northwest and Puget Sound, it’s in his blood. When he needs a specialist to get an octopus out from under a client’s dock, he’s pointed in Elly’s direction. Her smarts and competence have him interested in her from the first moment they meet, and he wants to get to know her outside of octopus wrangling. Not that he expects someone so brilliant to give him the time of day.When a storm blows in and strands their boat, Craig and Elly find themselves spending a night together in very cramped quarters, with only one small bed for them to share. In the dark, they can’t keep their hands off each other, but the next morning the real world intrudes, reminding them of their responsibilities. Will they be able to carve out space in their lives to be together? And what should they do with an octopus that doesn’t know how to stay put?

"This has everything you could want in a summer romance: bright skies, warm scones, adventures at sea, and sex on a boat!"
5 Star Goodreads Review

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