The Operation

What do you do when the Russian mafia AND the Feds are hunting you? Backyard plastic surgery!

A bonus not-published anywhere else prologue to the noir pulp novel “Sold to the Devil”. B

"Blair Denholm shoots straight from the hip with a gritty, delicious,mix of violence, dark humour and sex combined with clever plot twists to make an exceptional story."
5 Star Amazon Review

The Husband of the Siren

The Queen Bee of Bollywood Movies, Reena Lamba went missing in the dead of the night! An erstwhile reigning queen


Her orders are to assassinate her mentor, but will the fae general teach her one last deadly lesson?Kelliope has been

Blood Brothers

A hardened criminal. A gut-wrenching revelation. Loyalty, brotherhood, and honor will be tested to the breaking point.A decorated war hero

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