The Outrunners

Grab your Sony Walkman for a nostalgia-drenched trip to San Jose, 1983, at the peak of video gaming’s golden age.

Snarky English goth Erin arrives at Saratoga High, quickly catching the attention of three arcade-obsessed juniors, but is she really interested in any of them? When they’re not busy trying to win Erin’s heart, Brandon and Raj jostle for high-scores at the local arcade, owned by creepy outsider Martin’s father. When Martin announces a video games tournament with a mind-blowing prize, the rivalry grows even fiercer.

Exploring themes such as obsession, sexuality and platonic friendship, and boasting a supporting cast of memorable characters, THE OUTRUNNERS is a coming-of-age novel which will appeal to fans of Ernest Cline’s READY PLAYER ONE, and pretty much any John Hughes movie ever.

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