The Perfect Plan

Quinn is trapped working a dead-end job to support her abusive mother.

Quinn is trapped working a dead-end job to support her abusive mother. 

The only bright spots in her life are her encounters with the kind woman who frequently visits the diner where Quinn works. One day, the woman tells Quinn about her handsome, billionaire son whom she fears will forever be lonely. She offers Quinn a deal: seduce her son and give her a grandbaby. Quinn refuses, but when her mother learns of the offer, she is forced to accept. Quinn never expected to fall in love. Will she be able to go through with the plan?

Landon is a hardworking billionaire with no time for or interest in relationships. 

He’s seen how a broken heart can destroy a person. The only woman in his life is his mother, and he’ll do anything for her, including going on an island vacation for the first time in years. Except, when Landon arrives at the exotic resort, it isn’t his mother who’s there to greet him. Instead, there’s a beautiful woman naked in the hotel suite. Landon is immediately enthralled by the innocent Quinn, but he knows she’s hiding something. Will he learn her secrets before their week together is over? Or will he lose the mysterious beauty who has captured his heart?

Suddenly His Series is a group of stand alone stories. Insta-love, strong alpha men that know exactly what and who they want. Are you ready? 

"Everything in you will want to step right into this just to help Quinn who is struggling working herself to the bone to take care for a mother who has been abusing her, her whole life and she can’t see a way out, but she does have a really sweet customer which help brighten her day. The older women talk about her son who is a billionaire, but he is lonely and as a mom you want what’s best for her son, so she makes a deal with Quinn get her son to like her enough to give her some baby. Landon sexy as all get out billionaire son to a meddlesome but well-meaning mom but he doesn’t think he has it in him to love considering he witness a broken heart firsthand besides women most of the time see his net worth not him. There is only one women he can’t say no and that would be his mother so when she insist he go an island vacation he agrees but what he didn’t expect was to meet the girl of his dreams but he knows she is hiding something her innocence shines through but how can he get her to tell him the truth, what happens when something that wasn’t supposed to be real turns into very real, will he still want her after finding out his mother put her up to it, will she tell him the truth, will she get away from her abusive mom, and has she finely found a little peace, space to live her life without being abused and happiness?"
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