The Pirate’s Pleasure

A Steamy Regency

Fresh from rejecting yet another suitor (determined to resist Mama’s pressure to accept anyone—“Please, dear, before you’re so far on the shelf it topples!”),  Lady Roberta convenes a weekly writing group comprised of her three closest friends. Their literary efforts soon evolve—or devolve, depending upon one’s point of view—from composing insipid lines of poetry to more erotic endeavors.Meet the ladies and read The Pirate’s Pleasure, the first Titillating Tale.4000 words • Complete Story • Exclusive.Also includes excerpt from the Mistress in the Making Trilogy.

"I can’t praise this book enough. Regency fans, if you like gorgeous wit in with your devilishly superb, well written, sexy reading matter, Lady Scandal should be on your ‘Must Read’ list."
Natalie, Miz Love & Crew Love’s Books, on LADY SCANDAL - Awarded the Golden Nib!

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