The Reader

When the power to read minds is outlawed, can Jay ever find freedom?

The Given is set in a world where some people have the power to read minds and the most powerful can manipulate the thoughts and actions of others. The main character of the series is Jay, who has to keep her powers hidden for fear of detection by Readers. Ultimately, with Stitch, Cassie and brother Sammy, Jay leaves to embark on an adventure and a quest to find freedom. Her chief threat comes from Marcus, the leader and most powerful of the Readers.The details in this prequel are not in the pages of The Given series of books. This prequel tells the story of the origins of Marcus – how he came to be, and how his character is shaped by his experiences. This gives an insight to his motivations, and how he comes to be at such odds with Jay, the one with the potential to become the most powerful of the Given. 

"It drew me in...I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to see what's in store for Jay next"
5 Star Goodreads Review of The Given

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