The Red Door: Vol. 1

Every key is a new adventure. Every door is a gateway to forgotten knowledge.

Two boys, one mysterious door, and a choice. Open the door and change your life forever or walk away and live a normal life.

Andy and Koby are best friends. Koby is adventurous while Andy would rather read about adventures than participate. When they discover a mysterious door, they will have to make a life-altering decision. Open the door or walk away.

Ebb Tide

UK-based military romantic suspense … Ex-Navy pilot Will Fletcher has returned home to the fishing village of Looe, Cornwall, and

Confuse Me

Confuse Me is a prequel to the Hawthorn Hills Duet series. This short story takes you back to Providence and

For Love of Daniel

“This poignant, charming novella warmed my heart more than anything has in a LONG time. It had a distinctly fairytale-ish

About the Author

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