The Skald’s Black Verse

Berserkers, Black Magic, & Alien Gods!

Brohr has been lied to, abused.All he wants is to live in peace, away from the ignorance of his village, to outrun the raging ghost which haunts him.But a hidden evil seeks to harness his fury.Accused of murder, hunted by ruthless soldiers, Brohr delves the way of the Skald, unlocking forbidden blood magic as he unearths terrible family secrets.When the red moon is broken, and all is lost, it’s up to Brohr to lead a rebellion, or face the end of the world!

"Rich in detail, bringing his tale to life with a foreboding atmosphere and characters that are intense. Good dialogue, rapid-fire action scenes, explosive magic and wicked political machinations."
Tome Tender

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About the Author

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