The Sum of Love

It was a mutually profitable arrangement...An arrangement that just might extend beyond the bottom line.



Reyna chuckled. Despite their separate moving trucks, this moment almost felt real. Like a real couple.


Her cheerfulness died when she realized that that idea had warmed her. Looking into the gray-green eyes that peered so earnestly into her own, she found herself reluctantly taking firmer hold to the cozy image her mind was conjuring.


Don’t go getting any ideas, Reyna. Her practical side chided. This is purely a business arrangement.

The Keys to Jericho

I’m not one to mince words. I only have one use for females, being burned one too many times. Hit

Back to School Again

It’s Robyn’s first day of college and the first time she’s started anything new without Kimberly or Cassie in years.

Masters of Murder

It was an era of exotic poisons and smoking pistols. Of unbreakable alibis and elaborate charades. Of shrewd spinster sleuths

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