The Three Lives of Richie O’Malley

An Engrossing Crime Thriller About a Hitman's Mafia Life

As he lay there surrounded by the cops, bleeding, he must confront the horrors of his past…
Richie O’Malley was a lifelong mob hitman. A brutal and unforgiving tool of his Mafia bosses. Now at the end of his life he must delve into the past, from his sickening childhood that shaped him to the violence that painted his hands red in adulthood. For decades, he has gone almost unnoticed, blending in. Just an old gangster nobody questions, enjoying retirement wrapped in the simple facade of normality. But now one of his old buddies has decided to testify all he knows, bringing the gruesome terrors of Richie’s past back to haunt him. The Three Lives of Richie O’Malley is an award-winning and engrossing crime thriller that will have your eyes glued to the pages. Step into his blood stained shoes, load his .38 Smith and Wesson Police Special and experience the savage life of this lethal mob hitman today.

"William Lobb breaks new ground in how crime drama should be written. The opening is effective in gradually revealing a flawed character, one that you will expect to face insurmountable struggles as the story progresses. There is a compact sense to Richie’s life story that is often lacking in crime novels, reminiscent of the economy of Elmore Leonard’s works, which makes William Lobb an engaging crime fictionist. It is easy to appreciate how much he brings a character to life that is deftly violent and sympathetic when he becomes believable. It is a rare modern crime story that makes me hope there will be a sequel. It works because it values character and plot construction without the trappings of overblown hype typical in today’s crime novels. This is undoubtedly a must-read for the kind of entertainment it brings to the genre."
Readers Favorite 5 STAR AWARD September 1, 2021

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