The Twice Jilted Duke

Jilted twice by the same woman - what's a duke to do? Fall in love for the first time.

A short, sweet Regency romance about second chances, only this time with the right woman!Max, Duke of Nethercote is back from the wars – weary, scarred, and in search of peace and quiet. The last thing he wants is to meet the woman who jilted him when he was down on his luck. Even less does he want to see Emma, her annoying younger sister who’d given him fair warning he was in for a jilting.Unfortunately, coming home and taking up his new position as Duke involves coming across both women in rather unusual and unsettling circumstances. But some surprises are better than others. As he finds himself working alongside Emma Walsh at Hope House, a foundation for war veterans, he discovers that being jilted was the second best thing that happened to him…  

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About the Author

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