The Twisted Truth

Crime Thriller


I quit the task force long ago and never looked back, the best decision of my life. But just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in…20 years later.

Being a private investigator has its perks, but I won’t lie, I miss the days filled with adrenaline and suspense while in the police force.


Knock-knock here comes the past to haunt me. Now I find myself ‘aiding’ the L.AP.D re-solve the crime of the decade that I helped solve 20 years ago. It was the 1969 murder case of Susan Kingsley, one of the biggest Hollywood stars of the time.


The case at the time was easy to solve. No foul play, no evidence of another suspect at the crime scene, straightforward case…or so we thought.


New evidence was found after all these years and the cause of death was no longer an accidental overdose like we thought. I was excited to find out exactly what really happened to that poor girl,


…. until I realized that I was a suspect in the very case I was trying to solve.

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