This Side of Desperation

What would you do to have a child?

Private Detective Sarah Malone is failing at life. She’s lost her left arm to the same rifle-wielding maniac who killed her partner, the business they shared is going bankrupt, her divorce is final, and her lover is married. So when wealthy Mrs. Perrine comes to her for help, Sarah takes the case. What else has she got to lose?But in this world where fertility rates have plummeted and human trafficking has soared, Sarah finds herself straddling a new kind of desperation. On which side will she land?Find out in this fast paced mystery from Nikki Kincaid!


Former operative turned federal agent Garrison Chase is investigating the biggest case of his career. A shocking crime wave plagues

Kay MacLeod’s Welcome Pack

Authentic characters. Innovative abilities. Serious snark.The Carnelian Fox Bonus Chapter Find out the origins of Maiyamon, a monster-catching game brought

The Right Woman

Alan Mitchell knows that he doesn’t need to ask twice for something he wants. When he snaps his fingers, everything

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