Ties of Fate

Love Comes With Certain Ties

She just wanted her life to get a little more interesting. Boy did she get more than she bargained for.


Tired of her same old daily schedule in her small South Carolina town, Andrea decides to shake things up and move to New York.


Her childhood friend, Sandra, joins her, and the two of them take this leap of faith together, not sure what the future holds for them but excited to find out.


Little do they know, this move is about to change everything forever…


Finding a job and a place to stay takes some time, but when everything is sorted out, Andrea is so busy in her new position as a business manager that she doesn’t immediately realize what’s still missing: someone to love.


Enter a dating app and a mysterious man who likes to order her around.


Sheldon is hot, charming, bossy, and intimidating in the most seductive way possible.


He also lives in Australia.


As the two of them keep talking and—on occasion—sexting, the butterflies in Andrea’s stomach turn into real feelings and Sheldon’s insistence to meet her in person becomes a pressure she can’t handle.


Should she risk a promotion in the making just to meet this secretive man?


And if she does, will he live up to all his promises?


Andrea has no idea what she should do.


All she knows is that the temptation to know him—really know him—is proving harder to resist with each passing day…

Dirty Dom

Soliciting a stranger online to fulfil my ultimate fantasy is probably crazy as hell. If you asked me what I


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