To Love A Laird

Nora is a spy, planted to bring his clan to their knees. Alec is a laird desperate to save what remains of his clan. Will Nora’s duty to her father destroy Clan MacMaster? Or will Alec convince her to love a laird?

Lady Eleanor “Nora” de Beaumont has been working as a spy for her father, the feared Lord Thorold de Beaumont for years. Her newest assignment? To marry Laird Alec MacMaster, feed inside information to her father, and aid his conquest of the Highlands. It should be a simple task, but love has a tendency to complicate things. Laird Alec MacMaster is out of options. His warriors are depleted, his clan decimated by years of warring and feuding. When his greatest enemy offers a marriage of truce, Alec must agree to save his people. After his first wife ran off, he vowed he would only take another wife if she could prove her love to be true. For if she really loved him, he need never endure such heartache again. As Alec and Nora navigate a tenuous treaty between their families, both begin to see how a future together just might work. Even as they grow closer, Nora must keep her espionage a secret from Alec. Will she be able to convince him of her love and save his clan from her father’s machinations? Or will she break his heart all over again?

To Love A Laird is a Seasons of Scotland Prequel Novella, and can be read as a standalone.

"You know a book has been a wonderful read when you sigh with a smile as you read the last words. Having read the whole "Seasons of Scotland" series already, I discovered this prequel and was thrilled to learn how Alec and Nora had met! When Alec agrees to a betrothal with an enemy's daughter, little does he realize how much Nora will mean to him and how much her secret will devastate him. Nora is a spy in her father's employ and all she's ever wanted was his attention and respect. What he wants her to do now, though, to spy on her new husband to be, is not something she is comfortable with. Nothing ever comes easy in the romance department and heartbreak always occurs before the HEA as Alec and Nora find out. Now that I'm all caught up with this author's work, I will wait (im)patiently for her next book to hit the shelves:)"
Carole Burant, Goodreads Reviewer

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