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It was the moment of disaster, when silence gives the boundary between peace and violence.

Alexandra Dolnikov discovers that living against the odds is more miracle than she can expect, and perhaps even want. As she struggles to finish college, Alex agrees to a simple request from her parish priest who is trying to find a valuable missing icon. She inadvertently enters the black world of intelligence operatives and assassins as her task brings her unavoidably into the path of a team of killers who view her involvement with dangerous suspicion. She finds her most firmly held beliefs challenged by this new radical reality and learns a few family secrets along the way.

The Errant Heirs Caper

The door says “JD Pierson, Investigator,” but since Dad lost his way in a bottle of gin, the chair at

Sacrifice of the Sinners

Keep your head down. Follow orders. The mission is paramount.As a psychic warrior in the elite Order of Amazons, Peri

Staying for You

Austin Holt screams strength, provocative impatience, and Montana-raw masculinity. Rightly so, women around town throw themselves at him. But to

Naughty Neighbors

Camila is a tired nurse just trying to get a full night of sleep. But the neighbors next door are

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