Two-in-One Boxed Set “Innocent Journeys”

ROSE & PENNY in one book!


Young Penny hides in cupboards to escape the bad man and especially his mean dog, Trigger. Despite this, Mike drags her out occasionally for domestic servitude and to her use as his punching bag.

But Penny has a secret, and a friend to help through the worst of times. What will happen when Mike discovers she has made a friend, and will Penny get out before his anger becomes deadly?

In the meantime, Cienna and Jasmine prepare for their annual camping trip, having no idea of the horror that awaits them after their walk to the General Store.


The streets become a refuge for Rose after her father leaves her home and her mom becomes the family drunk-passed out on the couch much of the time. Her savior arrives in the form of Roman, who gives her a home and employment.

When she gets pregnant, his abuse takes a wicked turn. Will she get out in time to protect herself and her new baby?

"What an amazingly hard subject to read about. Unfortunately this is going on in our world and even in the US. These poor children are put through so much but can they ever recover? The book was very well written and gives us a glimpse of the torture they endure without going into sordid detail. I would recommend this book!"
Ron King via Amason

My Alien Warrior Soulmate

A’LECKSII wake with the pulsing Beacon in my head.I must follow it to discover my soulmate.She’s far across the galaxy


Psychic. Seer of the future.With a unique ability—she can twist anyone’s mind to her will.There’s no limit to Annika’s pleasure

Love Garage

Love Garage is open for business! In Book 1 of this compelling family saga-style romance series meet the Love family

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