Two Weeks In Heaven (Prequel to My Late Husband’s Secrets)

Do you ever really know someone?

After Ellen Cooper’s husband dies of a sudden heart attack, she discovers that she never really knew him. An almost arranged marriage that her father pushed her into, Ellen had thought she has been happy over the last 33 years – or at least satisfied. But as she packs up Robert’s belongings, she is starting to realize that was just a façade that she let herself believe.

To get over her angst and relax so she can face dealing with the will and all the paperwork from Robert’s death, Ellen decides to take a little trip by herself. Never in her life would she have expected to have an adventure, one that may make up for the loveless and dry marriage that she had endured all those years.

She meets a man. A young man. And he makes the next two weeks for Ellen absolute heaven. Well…almost.

“My Late Husband’s Secrets”, A Later Life Romance Series is perfect for the reader who is looking to read about new beginnings and breakthrough inspirational stories along with a little mystery and a whole lot of love. Your heart will soar.

This series is high steam and meant for audiences 18+ – ADULTS ONLY!

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