Unclutter: A Survivor’s Story

Inner Voice, Book One

Eighteen-year-old Tina Lauren is an outcast with wounds that run deep—she’s always needed to make the outside hurt more than the inside does. She hates being touched, her clothes don’t fit, and neither does she. But when Strollfield’s teen heartthrob, Nicholas Parker, crosses a line and Tina retaliates in public, she is thrust into a harsh spotlight that reveals her long-buried scars. Branded a liar and a freak at every turn, Tina faces revenge and betrayal, slander, and bullying—till the voices in her head threaten to drown her. To move forward, Tina must confront her past once and for all. Will Tina discover her true inner voice? Will she be able to speak up for herself and others like her? Or will a culture of shame and silence let their abusers win?

Navigating social media trials and sleuthing, family secrets and inner demons, friendships broken and built, first love and self-love, Unclutter: A Survivor’s Story is a powerful debut novel packed with shocking turns, as well as illuminating truths about trauma and survival.

Content Guidance: This novel tackles sensitive subjects, such as sexual abuse and self-harm.

""Unclutter - A Beautiful Fiction Around Sexual Abuse And Assault: Written as a tribute to #MeToo and #TimeIsUp abuse survivors, the book is written beautifully, giving away that darkness always ends, and hope should never be lost." -- Book Nerdection Blog"

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