Unmasked: A De-Extinct Zoo Mystery

Catch the Killer, Save the Bear

Veterinarian Milly Smith is living her dream, working in a zoo populated by de-extinct creatures resurrected from ancient DNA: Mammoths and mastodons, dire wolves and do-dos, camelops and saber-toothed cats. But a routine surgery on a massive short-faced bear goes horribly wrong and a colleague is dead. The bear is slated to be destroyed unless Milly can prove the animal was used by a diabolical killer as a murder weapon.

A killer whose attention has turned to Milly.

Angel of the Crypt

I’m a fallen angel damned to walk the Earth alone with nothing but my own shame keeping me company. I’ve

Tales of Lady Luck

The Las Vegas Review published that Vito Zuppardo’s party jet customers dropped sixty million dollars at Nevada casinos in the

About the Author

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